Safety Presentation Requirements:

1. Presentation should be at least 6 minutes long (About 1:30min each person).

2. Each student must participate equally in researching and presenting the material.

3. Presentation must include a recent article or research pertaining to the topic. Students should cite where they found their research/article from during the presentation.
-Ex. “In a recent student done by…….”

4. Sources must be cited in APA format.

5. Each presentation must have at least one visual component.
Can include:
  1. Virtual Project (as discussed)
  2. Power point
  3. Video (must be reviewed by instructor first)
  4. Role Playing a scenario

5. Presentation must cover and expand on the critical questions listed under the topics below:


1.Training for peak performance
  • Importance of proper Nutrition, Hydration, Rest
  • Why are food, hydration and rest important part of a training program?

2- Anabolic Steroids
  • What is an anabolic steroid?
  • What are the harmful effects of anabolic steroids?

3- Personal Safety
  • Health screenings, proper equipment:
  • What is a health screening? Why is it important?
  • What are some examples of safety equipment used in sports? What are some sports safety tips?

4- Weather related risks
  • Hot weather, Cold weather, Sun & Wind
  • What are the hot weather risks? What are the signs and symptoms? How can you treat for them?
  • What are the cold weather risks? What are the signs and symptoms? How can you treat for them?
  • What are the safety concerns associated with sun and wind?

5- Injuries
  • What is a minor injury? What are the treatments?
  • What is a major injury? What are the treatments?
  • What are common injuries? What are common causes of injuries?

6- Compare and contrast Yoga and Pilates
  • What are the major benefits of these type of activities?
  • What are the positive benefits of yoga and Pilates?
  • Can yoga and/or Pilates prevent injuries? If so how


1. Christa, Billy S., Tori, Michaela, Evan

2. Sam, Allie L., Nick, Abigail, Suzanne

3. Brianna, Juan, Kyra, Kevin

4. Lisa B., Austin, Randal, Alexa

5. Marie B., Caitlyn, Aaron, Stephanie

6. Delaney, Morgan, Josh, Walter, Riley