Fitness Unit Plan Assignments:

Cumulative Unit Assignments:

1. Fitness Notebook
- Each student will turn in a fitness notebook with all classroom assignments.
- If possible, assignments should be typed or on a clean worksheet provided by the teacher.

2. Safety Presentations
- Student groups will be assigned a safety in physical activity topic and be expected to present information to the class at the end of the unit.

3. Partner Test
- Cumulative examination on last day of unit, to be done in class with one other student.

In class work (must be turned in each day)

Lesson #1

Physical Activity Survey with Reflection Questions:

- Activity Pamphlet

Lesson #2

- Target Heart Rate Worksheet
- Reflection Worksheet

Lesson #3

- Health Related Fitness Testing worksheet
- Skill Related Fitness Testing worksheet
- Skill Related Fitness Reflection questions

Lesson #4

- Goals with plan
- Physical Activity Pyramid
- Physical Activity weekly plan

Lesson #5

- Resistance Training Program Design

Lesson #6

- Safety presentation questions